With roots embedded in music, theatre, film and business, Andrew Antone has an unparallel ambition and work ethic which has fostered an ability to achieve victories in every area Andrew sets his sights on.

Singing from the age of two in front of anyone who would listen, Andrew's first taste of thunderous applause occurred at seven - singing and playing guitar of the Token's classic, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight." From that night on, Andrew was hooked; the stage was his home! Over the next few years performing took on the form of singing in choirs, studying several musical instruments including saxophone, guitar, drums, and piano, and actively training vocally.

At the age of thirteen, Andrew recorded his first professional demonstration record, "Then You Look At Me." Consisting of ten contemporary-pop tracks, the project gave Andrew the opportunity to show off his unique adolescent styles. It also afforded him his first real look into the recording process and inside the studio.

Bit by the theatre bug at the age of nine, Andrew spent the next ten years acting and serving on technical crews in both dramatic and musical productions in professional, community and school theatre. Much of his theatrical training came from Stages Theatre Company, the Hopkins Center for the Performing Arts, the International School of Minnesota, Hopkins West Junior High School and Santa Barbara High School. Spending school breaks in workshops and theatre camps, the bulk of the school years were split between scholastic learning and theatrical productions. Some of his favorite performances include "Carnival!," Barry Manilow's "Copacabana," "The Wizard of Oz" and "Grandparents for Arnie."

In the fall of 2002, Andrew recorded his first commercial single, "I Can't Help Falling In Love," which led to his national television debut on the late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, in the spring of 2003. Soon after Andrew quickly left the music scene as his vocal change initiated.

Andrew continued to expand his horizons in other areas of the entertainment industry. In 2003 he had his first opportunity to delve into the film industry as a casting intern for John Jackson, C.S.A, on the Fox Searchlight Pictures blockbuster movie, "Sideways." Andrew also appeared in the film as a featured extra.

Coinciding with high school graduation, Andrew refocused on his music career, resulting in a brand new studio album, "I Will Love Again" (2006), featuring his powerful and sophisticated adult voice. Staying true to Andrew's thirst for perfection and knowledge, this album also marked his debut as a producer. Every song was chosen, arranged and produced by Andrew Antone. "Being in creative control was truly an enriching experience," recalled Andrew. "It allowed me to focus on what was most important to me: the soul and passion behind the music."

Once again Andrew was forced to make the difficult choice to postpone musical work, this time to concentrate on education. The time away from the industry allowed Andrew to grow intellectually, physically and emotionally. During this period of study, development and change, Andrew orchestrated an astounding self-transformation. Shedding the weight that had plagued him for more than a decade, without surgeries or shortcuts, Andrew successfully lost, and has kept off, 118 pounds - leaving him with a handsome, chiseled, masculine and grown-up physique.

With the successful achievement of both the weight-loss transformation and earning his Bachelor's Degree of Science in Business, 2009 marked the close of an epoch in Andrew's life and the beginning of a new period of creativity and freedom.

Work on Andrew Antone's musical return began in the spring of 2010 and culminated in the first of several new projects. His first new work in four years, "Used and Abused" showcases a brand new sound and evocative autobiographical lyrics. The club-inspired, dance pop/rock ballad reveals Andrew's musical maturity, versatility and ability to continually mold and remold himself.

This time around, Andrew has an arsenal of powerful new tools: a meticulously trained, adult male voice; a slender and sexy body, a scholastically sharp mind; richer life experiences; and notebooks full of original music, lyrics and concept ideas. Ready or not, Andrew Antone is about to make a big impact in the music industry.